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Double Economy: Contents Page

Double Economy: Introduction


Double Economy I: Describing the World


Double Economy II/III: Diremptions


Double Economy IV: Repetition



The First Time… (is always retrospective…)


Listening to Music III


Thinking and Eternity


Sleep and Ritual


Theses on Rituality

Rituality (a collection)

Comparative Aesthetics (Chinese Gardens)

Mimesis/Anti-Mimesis - Representation and Aesthetics: Rituality, the Beautiful and the Sublime; Performativity and Architecture (extracts).

Exchange and Identity

Negative Constant


Time Spent


A Question of Being Human: A Meditation in 13 parts with an Afterword on ‘Boredom’.

Whole/hole: (Room/Architecture)

From ‘A Question of Being Human (9)

On Viciousness

The Object of Travel

Technology & Art

Beyond Good and Evil (Again)


Photography Theory

Durkheim  (‘On Suicide’)

Deleuze, Bergson, Time and Temporality


Gift of Value

Return of Gift


The Context of the Self


Venice Carnival/Masks


(Visiting) The Places of the Dead

Indifferent Persons

Interstitial (religion without religion)

Anchoring outside…


Beyond Belief


A Rhetoric of Time in the Arts (extracts)


The Logic of Layers (Logic and Language I)

Epimenides (Logic and Language II)

Zero to Two (Logic & Language III)

Temporality and ‘Difference’ (Logic & Language IV)





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